Sandhagen vs Nurmagomedov UFC Fight Night in Abu Dhabi

Aug 3, 2024

7:00 PM

Tickets for UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Nurmagomedov in Abu Dhabi! Etihad Arena, Yas Island, 03/08/2024, 7:00 p.m. Your tickets are waiting! A UFC Fight Night like never before! Are you ready for one of the most anticipated fights of the year? Cory Sandhagen and Umar Nurmagomedov will have a fight that will go down in history. Two different styles, two different approaches, but one common goal - victory. Every detail of this night could prove crucial. Do you want to experience it live? Keep reading to find out how to get your ticket! Etihad Arena - the MMA Center of the World for one night The Etihad Arena is more than an arena; it's a place where the magic of combat sports becomes a reality. Located on picturesque Yas Island, the arena provides not only spectacular views, but also comfort and security. See where MMA champions face reality, pushing their limits. How to get tickets? - A simple guide Tickets for this exciting event are available, but don't wait too long - interest is high! Check availability and reserve your seat through the official UFC website or certified outlets. VIP options? Of course! Want to feel every punch up close? We have something for you. Planning a trip? - Here's what you need to know Arriving on Yas Island is just the beginning of your adventure. We offer a guide to the best hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions nearby. Book your stay in advance to take advantage of the best deals and avoid the last minute. Not just fighting - What else you can do on Yas Island Yas Island isn't just about the UFC. It's also amusement parks, luxury shopping centers and first-class restaurants. Check out what else you can do in Abu Dhabi during your stay. Plan your perfect weekend of excitement! Book now and Don't miss this special night out. UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Nurmagomedov is not just a fight, it's an event that connects. Join us today!

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